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Our Mission

BICONICAL Group is a full event and brand experience production company. We thrive on the ideas of celebrations as well as the brand development of our clients. We do not have any boundaries or limitiations set for what we can do to help your vision come to life.

About Us: About

About Our Brand

B-ICONICAL was founded in 2019 by Los Angeles’ first Champagne Wall owner, Anisha Shorter.

She has over 15 years of client experience operating in event design, hospitality, project management, real estate assistance, and venue management; beginning her career at The Sycamore Plaza in Lakewood, CA.

She has a talent for event styling, project coordination, production, rebuilding brands through events, and community outreach events.  She has been featured in SHEEN magazine, worked with brands such as Amazon, Ciroc, Dusse, and Square.

Anisha’s credits include many celebrity clients, concerts including Burna Boy and Ebony Jahnae, and corporate events for brands such as Nike, With my Own Two Hands. and TenTen Wilshire. 

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